What makes Exmosi amazing?

Exmosi is a simple to use web-based tool that allows you to build a mobile website with ease. With millions of smartphones sold every day, if you don’t already have a mobile website for your business, now is the time!

  • It's Social

    It's Social

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more – Exmosi gives you a fast and easy way to keep your mobile site social.

  • Analytics


    Powerful analytics give you instant insight in to how many viewers are seeing your mobile site or landing page.

  • Administration


    Any computer, anywhere, at any time. Exmosi’s powerful web-based utility is cross-browser compatible.

  • Fast, Simple

    Fast, Simple

    Eliminate frustration and confusion. Exmosi’s web-based tool is fast and easy to use.

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  • What is Exmosi?

    What is Exmosi?

    Exmosi takes the headaches and confusion out of building a mobile web presence. Our fast and easy to use interface makes building your mobile landing page or site fast and simple.

  • How does Exmosi work?

    How does Exmosi work?

    Using our fast and intuitive mobile site tool, Exmosi allows you to easily build your mobile site with only a few clicks.

  • Why do you need Exmosi?

    Why do you need Exmosi?

    If you have a website, you need a mobile website. With millions of mobile devices sold every day, Exmosi helps you get your mobile website online in no time!