Mobile Ad Revenue Increases for Auto Sites

Jan 30

A good way to evaluate consumer habits is to analyze where ad investments are being spent. Companies spend a lot of time and money determining where their ad dollars will get them the highest return on investment.

Each time a new medium is introduced, marketers must determine when is the appropriate time to transfer their ad spending to that medium. Many years ago, the growth in radio’s popularity cost newspapers thousands in ad revenue. The invention of the television resulted in ad dollars being spent on TV commercials, causing a decline for radio advertisements.  The growing popularity of the Internet has made marketers question the potential with online advertisements. And now, as more consumers are going mobile, mobile ad revenue is seeing exceptional growth.

It is important for companies to notice the trend of consumers going mobile. Additionally, it’s helpful for companies to observe which industries are making the transition from Internet advertisements to mobile ads. If the majority of your industry is going mobile, the success of your business may be dependent on you following this trend. Going where the consumers are is the only way to maintain a healthy company.

According to eMarketer, mobile ad revenue was about $4 billion in 2012. This number is only expected to increase for 2013. Millennial Media, a mobile ad platform provided, reported that in the third quarter of 2012, auto sites’ investments in mobile ads grew more than any other industry. According to the research, auto sites’ mobile ad revenue grew by 574% compared to the same time period in 2011.

This increase in mobile ads for auto sites is an indication of how consumers are now shopping for cars. Companies in the auto industry are noticing that consumers are now using mobile devices to conduct research before buying a new or used vehicle and those auto sites are following consumers by going mobile. With such a significant growth in 2012, experts say that auto dealerships are becoming more aware of consumer demand. The third quarter of 2012 was a starting point for many auto sites to begin their mobile ads, investing substantially during that particular time period.

Though going mobile seems like a no brainer to some, many auto sites have failed to adapt to this new medium. A lot of auto sites, especially those made by small-scale dealerships, worry that the financial risk involved in going mobile is simply not worth the investment. Additionally, creating a mobile-friendly auto site can seem complicated and overwhelming to those unfamiliar with web design.

That’s where Exmosi comes in. With our easy-to-use online editor, auto sites can attract new customers by going mobile. Creating a mobile-friendly auto site can attract customers in a new and exciting way. Exmosi allows users to add sliders, images and even video. Suddenly, going mobile doesn’t seem so complicated! Give us a try for free!

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