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Why you should think mobile-friendly and mobile-first

Jan 19

There was a time not long ago when desktops dominated Web access – Companies needed to create only one primary public-facing interface: their Web site. If the handful of people who had access to a smartphone wanted to access the Web, they had to struggle through the process. We have entered an age where people […]

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shopping for cars online

My Experience With Shopping for Cars Online

Jan 16

Three years ago, I embarked on a new adventure: buying a car. For a few years, I’d been driving around in what some would call a “hooptie” that my grandmother gave to me. It was a beloved car, but it was definitely time for an upgrade. Growing up with technology, I began my buying process […]

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Why Automobile Sites Must Become Mobile Friendly

Dec 28

Not long ago, companies were realizing the importance the Internet was having on buying decisions. To remain competitive, car dealerships set up automobile sites to keep consumers informed about current car offerings. For years, these automobile sites have offered information on car pricing, reviews, recalls and more. Before making buying decisions, consumers depended on the […]

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